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Web development with Aptana

I have been working a lot with html, css and javascript lately and I was looking for a good IDE for web development, and I found Aptana Studio. Its a stanadalone program but since it’s based on Eclipse so you can also plug it into Eclipse or other Eclipse-based IDEs, and it is free and […]

August 10 / 2009
Author Jill
Category Web
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Sharepoint Front End Developer – 1

As a Sharepoint Front End Developer I work  on a .NET / Sharepoint  platform that also includes technologies like CSS, HTML, Javascript, Flash, Flex and Silverlight. It is so exciting but also challenging.  Going from almost only be working with Flash – is like going into the real world again, a world which I almost […]

January 28 / 2009
Author Jill
Category Sharepoint, Web
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