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Silverlight 2 release today

Microsoft released Silverlight 2 today, and announces that Silverlight is already reaching one in four consumers worldwide, and continues to grow rapidly. The release is available tomorrow at silverlight.net. Also what is interesting is that Microsoft plans to support additional open source tools for developing Silverlight applications through Eclipse IDE, providing greater interoperability between Silverlight […]

October 13 / 2008
Author Jill
Category .Net
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Silverlight 2 beta

Silverlight 2 beta was released this week. This version includes WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) UI Framework , a compatible subset of the WPF in the full .NET Framework. It also includes a powerful graphics and animation engine, a rich set of built-in controls, a rich networking support and a Rich Base Class Library.

March 07 / 2008
Author Jill
Category .Net
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